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Western Carolina University – WCU designated Voter Friendly Campus

Coming out of the fall national, state, and local political season, Western Carolina
Once again, the University has been designated a Voter Friendly Campus.

WCU was cited for engagement efforts that, despite the challenges presented by COVID-19,
broke down barriers and empowered people students with the information and tools they need
to participate in the political process. The evaluation and designation were conducted
by national nonpartisan Campus Vote Project organizations and the National Association
of Student Personnel Administrators.

“WCU Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning and Student Democracy
Coalition worked tirelessly to ensure that all students have the opportunity to cast
an informed ballot in the 2020 elections, ”said student Holly Miller. "Our efforts,
as well as the work of other members of the WCU community, exemplify Western's
commitment to ensuring that students graduate prepared to engage with the world both academically
and civically. This is what it means to be a voter-friendly campus. ”

The university was previously named Voter Friendly Campus in 2019. The period leading up to
The 2020 elections saw the creation of a civic participation action plan and an informational website

"I love working with the Coalition for Student Democracy to create and organize events and
carry out activities that promote the importance of voting and civic engagement," said student
Evelyn Voegli. " The semester passed Ado, we organized Democracy Day, where North Carolina candidates
from the 2020 elections came and set up information booths that students
could visit and be able to talk to the candidates and ask them questions. It was so
a great interactive learning experience where students came to understand the importance
of local positions and their platforms, all while being encouraged to vote. It is
efforts like these that make WCU a voter-friendly place for our students. "

In addition to voter registration drives, WCU has hosted a district polling place
through the Board of Elections of the County of Jackson and carried out numerous activities during the election year,
such as candidate forums and information sessions.

“Western and the community made a strong statement about the civic mission of
education to prepare students to be informed and informed participants. involved in the election
elected representatives at all levels of government, ”said Lane Perry, executive of the center
director. “We are proud of our students for being committed to civic responsibility
and their willingness to be part of the democratic process without grudges. To me,
that's what it means to be a voter-friendly campus. "

WCU is one of 231 campuses in 37 states and the District of Columbia that receives the
designation representing a broad range of two years, four years, public, private, rural
and urban campuses. For more information, visit .

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