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SEC Faculty Travel Awards for Collaboration Announced

The Southeastern Conference Faculty Travel Program was established in 2012 to promote collaboration among member universities. More than 100 professors from across the SEC have been selected by their universities to participate in the program.

"The SEC's Faculty Travel Program has always generated significant interest from faculty, and we are encouraged by how our universities continue to identify a variety of people to participate," said Torie A. Johnson, associate commissioner. of academic relations of the SEC.

Seven professors from U of A will participate in the program this spring and summer. Professors interested in participating during the next academic year should keep an eye out for the spring call for proposals. collaborate with Professor David Timm to explore life cycle cost analysis and life cycle assessment of pavements. They will explore theory and sustainability and work together to identify future funding sources.

Ana BridgesProfessor of psychological sciences, she will work with Eduardo Delgado-Romero at the University of Georgia on various initiatives, including a Spanish translation of a semi-structured diagnostic interview used in mental health assessments. The team will also brainstorm future collaborations, and Bridges will give research presentations to students. Theresa Delaplain assistant professor of music, and ToniMarie Marchioni at the University from Kentucky will conduct master classes with students and work on a project Diversifying the Canonthat seeks to expand the traditional repertoire to include more women and people of color. Delaplain will also lead hands-on workshops on oboe reed making.

Betsy GarrisonProfessor of Human Development, will travel to Louisiana State University to collaborate with Robert V. Rohli on the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences on a project titled "The Impacts of Climate Change on Family and Community Resilience." The team will meet and develop community partners with a view to developing a grant proposal for future research.

Christian GoeringProfessor of Teacher Education, and Leslie Burns, Associate Professor of Education in English at the University of Kentucky, they plan to offer pre-service and in-service workshops on using storytelling, including songwriting, to give students agency to capture their stories. His project, "Toward a Narrative Curriculum: Connecting Teachers, Contexts, and Lives through Sharing Stories," will also be piloted in the state of Arkansas. Ringo Jones , assistant professor of communication, will travel to the University of Alabama to collaborate with Michael Bruce, associate professor of journalism and creative media. The two will make a documentary about the CrossingPoints Summer Bridge Program, which gives college-age students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to experience post-secondary education. ]assistant professor of chemical engineering, and Tibor Szilvasi, professor of chemical engineering at the University of Alabama, will work on several initiatives. Nayani will meet with professors and present a seminar. They will also work on an NIH-R21 proposal that seeks to develop wearable sensors to detect airborne coronaviruses.

The U of A is also home to three professors in the program. They are:

  • Tibor Szilvasi, Chemical and Biological Engineer, University of Alabama
  • Christopher Mullen, Civil Engineer, University of Mississippi
  • George Troseth, Psychology and Development human, Vanderbilt University

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