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Ohio State football fan reiterates his hatred for Michigan despite being in a coma

Zach Lawrence is in a coma from which doctors said he may never wake up. But the Ohio man has shown his fighting spirit — and his loyalty to football — in an unexpected gesture that has brought hope to his grieving family. injured in a car accident in March, she has had trouble communicating since the accident. But the lifelong Ohio State University football fan recently made something emphatically clear: He really doesn't like the University of Michigan. and a "no" button with which he could answer questions while receiving treatment at OSU's Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center. Lawrence hit the "no" button when asked recently if he likes Michigan, The Columbus Dispatch reported Friday.

Then he pressed it again just in case.

“He always winces when we mention Michigan,” his wife, Meghan, told the newspaper. "We're pretty sure he's there." ]

in the Republic of Georgia on business when a car he was traveling in crashed into a 50-foot ravine, flipped multiple times and hit a tree, the Dayton Daily News reported. Two passengers died, and Lawrence was left with several broken bones, internal bleeding, and serious brain injuries. The father of two children was treated in the country before. being transferred to a hospital in Austria and eventually to the center in Ohio. Doctors told Lawrence's family that she may never wake up from her coma and that they should be prepared to remove her feeding tube within a year. He has far exceeded the expectations of his doctors. Lawrence has been making "a lot of progress" since moving back to Ohio, according to posts on a fundraising page set up by his family to cover his medical expenses. Can now give a "thumbs up" signal when commanded and has started making sounds. In an update earlier this month, his family wrote that he grabbed his wife's hand and kissed her. the family wrote in June.

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