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The University of Virginia withdraws 238 students for failing to comply with the university's vaccination mandate

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class= About 96.6% of UVA students are vaccinated, Coy said. About 1% of students are not currently vaccinated, while about 1.3% can claim religious or medical exemptions, Coy said.

"If you are not vaccinated, we ask that you wear a mask at all times, indoors or outdoors, whenever you are around people," Coy said. "Anyone who is not vaccinated and has a exemption you will have to take the test once a week, we start once a week – that could au ment. "

Unvaccinated students without exemptions were repeatedly reminded to get vaccinated between May 20 and July 1 to avoid disenrollment, Coy said.

" Students Those who did not comply with the rules received several emails, calls, text messages and, in some cases, calls to their parents. Our numbers show that our students responded to this. This means we can have the kind of in-person semester that people can participate in as normal. "

According to the university's website, two-thirds of UVA students are from Virginia. fall semester, the university says there will be about 18,000 undergraduate students and about 9,000 graduate students.

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