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The president of USC withdrew in the midst of sexual misconduct against a gynecologist

University of Southern California President C.L. Max Nikias agreed to resign following accusations of sexual misconduct against George Tyndall, a former gynecologist at the school health clinic.

The board of directors of the USC made the announcement on Friday.

"Today, President Nikias and the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees have agreed to begin an orderly transition and begin the process of selecting a new president," the statement said. "We recognize the need for change and are committed to a stable transition."

Earlier this month, The Los Angeles Times reported that Tyndall, who worked as the sole gynecologist in the USC student health clinic for nearly 30 years, had repeatedly been accused of inappropriately touching students during exams, making comments lewd and take pictures of their patients' genitals. Tyndall allegedly attacked Chinese international students, some of whom were not familiar with US medical practices.

Tyndall was suspended in 2016 after a nurse informed the crisis center about campus violations about the complaints against him. However, school officials gave Tyndall a deal that allowed him to quit with a financial payment, instead of being fired, according to the Times.

In the wake of the LA Times story, 200 faculty members signed a letter asking Nikias to step down as president. Several petitions made similar demands.

On Tuesday, former graduate student Lucy Chi filed a class action lawsuit against Tyndall, USC and the board of trustees.

"Our goal is for hundreds, if not thousands, of women who were raped by Dr. Tyndall to have a voice and to be compensated for the horrible acts they experienced," lawyer Elizabeth Fegan told HuffPost on Tuesday. . "Our goal is to hold the USC responsible for trying to eliminate this series of decades-old abuses of its reputation and to silence these women"

In the lawsuit, Chi says she had an appointment with Tyndall in 2012, during which he penetrated her with his fingers and "caressed" her breasts in a way "very different from the way doctors use their finger pads". check for irregularities in a woman's breasts "

The lawsuit also alleges that the doctor made special efforts to endear himself to Chinese students.

"Dr. The fact that Tyndall highlights Chinese students further highlights the predatory nature of his actions, "Fegan said. Tyndall prepared these women and knew they were vulnerable. He sought every opportunity to take advantage of them. "

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