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Stony Brook University, New York

Wright, founder of the ValBio Center, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Herrnstein Professor of Conservation Biology at Stony Brook University, will receive the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Wildlife Conservation.

Since 1993, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden has presented this award to one of its speakers from the Barrows Conservation Lecture Series. Wright will give a lecture on Wednesday, April 21, on "Saving Madagascar: Nature's Lost Paradise."

Each year the zoo invites several of the world's leading conservationists and scientists to participate in the lecture series. Dame Jane Goodall was the first winner of the award in 1993. Richard Leakey was honored in 1998.

Wright is a MacArthur Fellowship winner and an Indianapolis Award winner for her work protecting lemurs. Ella has spent most of her professional life working in Madagascar and for three decades has combined her research with efforts to preserve the country's endangered forests, wildlife, and local communities.

For more information on the award and the lecture series, visit the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens website.

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