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Professor / President, work in Epidemiology and Public Health with KHALIFA UNIVERSITY


Name of the organization Faculty of medicine and health sciences

About the university

The University of Khalifa is a world-class and intensive research institution in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The mission of the University is to seamlessly integrate research and education to produce world leaders and critical thinkers in science, engineering and medicine, and also to be a catalyst towards Abu

The 2030 vision of Dhabi for an economy based on knowledge. With three campuses in the city of Abu Dhabi, the University is home to the two internationally renowned Masdar and Petroleum research institutes.

Short description

Khalifa University launched the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) on July 4, 2018. The establishment of the CMHS, the first faculty of medicine based in the city of Abu Dhabi, responds to the challenge of developing world-class medical care in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates and the region.

In the coming years, Khalifa University intends to implement a variety of undergraduate programs in medicine and health sciences that will be offered through CMHS.

By strengthening the university's teaching base in these disciplines, Khalifa University will also expand its research portfolio, which currently includes medical genetics, genome sciences, biomaterials for nanomedicine, cell biomechanics, bio-robotics, tissue regeneration, medicine, systems, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

Detailed Description

Policies and academic programs

  • Work with the Dean, Associate Deans and the faculty to plan, develop, implement, evaluate and improve the courses, programs and services that support the academic mission of the College.
  • Formulates and supports educational programs for the department in coordination with affiliated partners.
  • Guarantees adequate support for all phases of the College's educational programs.
  • Ensures that the department's academic activities are aligned with accreditation guidelines;
  • Supports health care services for college students, including wellness and career guidance.


  • Work with the Dean and Associate Deans to coordinate the department's clinical activities.
  • Maintains standards of care appropriate to the discipline.
  • Ensures that the clinical faculty and residents comply with the policies and procedures necessary to ensure the success of the academic program.
  • Maintains a continuous review of the professional performance of all professionals with clinical privileges in the department.
  • Transmits to the appropriate committees the department's recommendations regarding the appointment and reappointment of the faculty, and the delineation of clinical privileges for all clinicians in the department


  • Work with the Dean, Associate Deans and Research Support Office of Khalifa University to develop research plans that align with the mission and vision of the College and address priorities institutional.
  • Oversees and supports the development of research and research training programs for CMHS.
  • Supports and advises the professors of the department involved in the research

Administrative and People Management

  • In consultation with the Dean and the Deans Associates, actively works with the Human Resources Office to recruit and retain high quality teachers and staff for the department.
  • Manage faculty and staff by defining job expectations; plans, supervises and evaluates the performance of teachers and staff; trains, advises and participates actively in the incorporation of departmental employees, professional advice and development.
  • Program and assign the workload of the faculty, which allows an adequate combination of participation in the academic, clinical, research and service activities of the College.
  • Communicates the strategic objectives and the new policy developments of the university and the university to the employees of the department.
  • Recommends promotions, salary adjustments and other personnel actions to the Dean and Associate Deans.
  • Provide information or prepare reports when necessary.


  • Ensures adherence to information security policies and procedures of the University and reports violations or other security risks accordingly.
  • Ensures coordination with other departments to facilitate compliance with tasks and responsibilities, when necessary.
  • Perform any other task assigned by the Dean and his line managers.

Job requirements

Required qualifications

  • MD and / or PhD in a relevant field of study.
  • Qualified for the appointment of a professor in the rank of Associate Professor or higher.
  • Significant leadership experience as president, vice president, division chief or director of programs in a relevant department of the medical school

Preferred Qualifications

  • Completed at least seven years of relevant academic experience, with at least two years in an academic academic role.
  • Demonstrable achievements in teaching, research, health care delivery and / or service at a level proportional to that of a Full Professor
  • Bachelor of Business Administration

How to apply

Applicants must submit an application online at This position will have an entry date in September 2019. All applicants must submit an application online through the portal. A complete application includes curriculum vitae, teaching and research statement, cover letter, photo and the names and contact information of three references.

If you need more help or if you have any problems with the online application, contact the Recruitment Team (

Submit your application before the July 31, 2019 deadline .

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