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Problems arising on the campus of the University of Manipur

Vice Chancellor Adya Prasad Pandey has banned staff and teachers' associations from the University of Manipur after returning from a long leave on Saturday. The associations reacted on Sunday, threatening to resume their turmoil that could re-boil the university.

Mr. Pandey had gone with a month's leave since August 2 after the Ministry of Human Resource Development advised him to stay away on the recommendation of the coalition government led by the BJP that feared a "law and order situation." "on campus.

'Financial Irregularities'

On May 30, the Student Union of the University of Manipur (MUSU) launched an agitation demanding their deportation for alleged administrative and financial irregularities on campus. The Association of Teachers of the University of Manipur (MUTA) and the Staff Association of the University of Manipur (MUSA) joined the student protests later.

'Unfounded charges'

Mr. Pandey, who had joined the problem-prone university in December 2016, dismissed all charges against him as unfounded. He insisted that the unions were against him for hardening the administration and establishing some right things.

"I went back to Imphal and took over after my license ended on August 31. I have informed the MHRD, the Governor and the Chief Secretary of Manipur as well as the Registrar of the university about my reinstatement," he said.

'Subversive activities'

Hours after his reinstatement, Mr Pandey issued an order saying that the 2005 Law of the University of Manipur does not provide for the existence of employee bodies such as MUTA and MUSA. Both associations, he said, were directly involved in subversive activities that led to the current turmoil on campus and the indiscipline at the university.

'Rape of ruines'

The two associations, the order says, have been found guilty of violating the rules and thus have been banned "with immediate effect and also to hold any meeting or otherwise" for maintaining the discipline in the university.

In a joint statement on Sunday, MUTA, MUSA and MUSU said that the "virtual order" issued by Mr. Pandey "during his period of leave would be condemned as invalid and invalid." They also threatened to resume the agitation that was temporarily suspended if the "competent authority does not take action" against him.

Research Committee

The three groups had suspended their 85 daily agitation on August 85 after they signed a memorandum of understanding with the MHRD and the government of Manipur. An investigation committee was established in accordance with the agreement and Mr. Pandey was advised to be absent "during the period of investigation and until a competent authority takes follow-up action on the investigation report."

Mr. Pandey said that the issue of remaining on the license did not arise since the investigation panel "must still begin its work."

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