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More than 200 jobs ready to go to the University of Liverpool

More than 220 jobs could go to the University of Liverpool.

The university announced a "change project" that, he said, will help it become one of the "100 best universities in the world."

In a slang statement, he said he is "remodeling" his academic staff, and expects more than 220 employees to receive voluntary redundancy.

The university said it will use the money saved to invest in research and teaching in other areas.

The staff of the university is embroiled in a bitter dispute with the heads of the institution over pensions.

Iconic Victoria Building of the University of Liverpool

Members of the University and University Union (UCU) have already pursued several days of strikes for changes in pensions that, they say, will leave a typical lecturer almost worse in retirement.

The university said: "The University of Liverpool has developed a solid track record and reputation over the years and continues to be highly appreciated for its particular strengths.

"For example, our research capacity in infectious diseases, advanced materials and personalized medicine is internationally recognized, while the university's teaching programs demonstrate our global vision by offering a unique range of opportunities for students in the United Kingdom, online and abroad.

"For these and other reasons, we remain a strong and globally significant institution."

The students of the University of Liverpool participate in a protest for the pensions of the university workers, while the members of the University and University Union (UCU) begin a month of strikes in the last stage of a bitter dispute over pensions

"However, our ten-year strategy establishes our ambitions to achieve a radical change in the overall quality of our research and education We intend to accelerate improvements for our students and communities in Liverpool, nationally and around the world, whom we seek to support by providing innovative research.

"These ambitions are reflected in our goal to be recognized as one of the 100 best universities worldwide by 2026.

" In support of our strategic objectives and in response to the challenges that We face, we are launching a project to increase the pace of the improvements that are already taking place. "This will include remodeling our profile of academic staff, enabled by the launch of a voluntary compensation plan for academic staff, and making a substantial investment in teaching and research priorities."

"Our goal is to allow more than 220 employees to go through this scheme.

"In turn, the initiative will allow us to invest in key areas and support colleagues at the University to accelerate improvements in the quality of our research and teaching."

But UCU regional official Martyn Moss said: "We are looking for more information on what exactly this will mean for the staff and students at the University of Liverpool.

" We are not convinced that getting rid of more than 200 teachers and valuable and experienced researchers are the best approach to try to improve the teaching and research classifications "

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