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HPU Wraps Up Annual STEM Camp With Rocket Launch | High Point University

Dr. Shirley Disseler, HPU STEM Camp Coordinator, leads the camp in a countdown to launch her rockets.

HIGH POINT, N.C., June 25, 2021 – High Point University's annual STEM camp ended with a bang today. The camp concluded with the launch of a rocket with rockets designed by local children last week.

The last day of camp for 2021 included experiments by scientist MADD with the help of camp participants.

Thanks to the camp, more than 100 children became scientists for a week and developed a new appreciation for all things STEM: science, technology, engineering, and math. The climactic rocket launch sparked a lot of excitement among the children, along with a “Mad Scientist” presentation that took place today.

"I'm excited because I want to see the rocket get there and I'm curious how high it's going to go up in the air," says 9-year-old Amirah Serraneu earlier. his rocket soared into the sky. "I think it's going to go up to 99 feet."

HPU graduate students from the Stout School of Education designed the week's activities, guiding the children of The Point Prep and Leadership Academy.

“I like STEM Camp because I can learn new things and do things,” says 10-year-old Ava McCampbell. “I like to build things and code for robots. It's also great to work with HPU students. "

Courtney Ingram, a fifth grade teacher at The Point Prep and Leadership Academy, helps 12-year-old Emmanuel Jett build his furnace solar at this year's STEM camp.

This year's theme was "Building STEM Leaders for Tomorrow's Workforce." Activities included designing a solar oven to cook marshmallows, exploring robotics, creating aircraft launchers, and using STEM skills to build your own rocket.

HPU's annual STEM camp has been going on for seven years. on the HPU campus, this year the camp ventured to The Point Prep and Leadership Academy. All the children in the school were sponsored by the Congdon Family Foundation.

Students from High Poin University T and local children who participated in HPU's annual STEM Camp launched their rockets into the sky today.

"The partnership is definitely for our kids to get activated in the community so they have the hands-on participation that they need, but also to develop those STEM skills that are perfect for them to take into adulthood, "says Courtney Ingram, science teacher at The Point Prep and Leadership Academy.

More than 100 school children Kindergarten through sixth grade participated in this year's camp.

From left, first graders Isiah Brown and Aaliyah Green work on the rockets they designed on the first day from STEM camp.

"It's so much fun to see children's faces and see them interact with science materials and engineering design materials," says Dr. Shirley Disse ler, associate professor at HPU's Stout School of Education and STEM coordinator. "We have some kids, this is their seventh year coming back to camp, so they started as kindergarten students and now they are about to graduate [the camp]".

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