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Florida State University lifts alcohol prohibition for fraternities and sororities

USA Today Red Byron Dobson, Tallahassee Democrat
Published at 1:57 pm ET March 26, 2018



TALLAHASSEE – Florida State University is lifting its self-imposed five-month alcohol prohibition for all recognized student organizations.

FSU President John Thrasher suspended all fraternities and brotherhoods and took action against alcohol days after the death of Pi Kappa Phi to Andrew Coffey, who drank a bottle of bourbon during a party outside the university. . Nine members of the fraternity face murder charges in connection with Coffey's death related to alcohol.

In January, Thrasher lifted some restrictions he imposed last November to allow Greek organizations to start recruiting again and participate in philanthropic events.

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All organizations must complete risk management training if they plan to hold alcohol events, said Amy Hecht, vice president of student affairs.

"The staff of the Student Activities Center will continue to offer training and advice, and will continue to support all student organizations to avoid dangerous and unsafe behaviors and behaviors," Hecht said in a memo to the organizations. "The university will also continue to engage students as we strive for a safer and healthier community for all."

Coffey was one of four promises that died last year in incidents related to drinking. The deaths at Florida State, Penn State, Texas State and Louisiana State drew national attention to the dangerous culture of heavy drinking, and sometimes hazing, at American universities.

As a result, many universities have suspended Greek life organizations and the parents of the victims have revived the anti-harassment movement.

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