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Federal regulators say that the hospital of the University of Maryland violated the rules in case of dumping of patients

 The patient dumping incident urges the Maryland Senate to approve the Patient's Bill of Rights, but the leaders of the Chamber suspicious "class =" trb_em_ic_img "title =" Incident of dumping of patients urges the Senate of Maryland to approve the Declaration of Rights of the Patient, but data-c-nd = "1024x576" /> </figure><p> </a> <br
</aside><p> Frankie Berger, defense director of the Treatment Advocacy Center, agreed with Rebecca's attorney that the report shows that her rights as a patient were violated.</p><p> She said the report showed that the hospital was "crazy" out of compliance in its lack of procedures for medical screenings, which she described as the most fundamental service that a hospital emergency department can provide.</p></p></div><div

"As evidenced in this report, the hospital failed Rebecca in many ways," Berger said. "It is clear that she was not well attended at any time during her interaction with the emergency department, from insufficient initial detection and poor record keeping, to the denial of her evaluation and examination when she arrived by ambulance for the second time. day, to his cruel discharge to a winter street without clothes, and all this is underlined by the fact that the hospital staff does not recognize its symptoms [mental health problems] as an emergency that needs treatment. "

The University of Maryland Medical Center earlier called Rebecca an aberration and apologized for her "failure" to show "basic humanity and compassion" to the patient. Restructured staff at the hospital and appointed a new president for the Midtown hospital.

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