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Faulkner University offers a 50% reduction in tuition

BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A pilot program with Faulkner University offers Burke County residents and first aid a 50 percent reduction in enrollment.

The program is part of Faulkner University outside of Alabama, it is an effort to help lifeguards continue their education, making them more valuable to the communities they serve. And the cost? Half of what it usually is.

"That played a huge factor, that 50 percent rate, I tell them I would never have been convinced that my master's program would not have had this program, I was done with the school."

Captain Jerry Blash is scheduled to receive his graduate degree in 14 months thanks to this program.

Burke County is the first county in the state to participate in the program so that Faulkner University can determine the level of interest of first responders before expanding throughout the state.

"We wanted to show everyone that we are behind the first responders and we wanted to give them something back". says Alison, a counselor at the university.

Faulkner also offers a program for people living in Burke County who want a college degree. That same 50 percent reduction in tuition applies. It is an online program that allows students to receive a bachelor's degree in 3 years and a master's degree in 14 months. Faulkner can make the decision not to charge outside of state tuition and the reason is simple.

"You have people who need to stay here for any reason and do not have the opportunity to go back to school and now we can give them that opportunity."

Proof of residence in Burke County is the only necessary requirement. The program offers several types of titles. Business administration, criminal justice and human resources management, to name a few.

Some may say that this opportunity is very good to be true, but the university says they have the students' best interest at hand.

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