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Woman enters Miss Universe Malaysia after finding beauty in her moles from head to toe

We can all learn from the beautiful love story of this woman from Malaysia.

Evita Delmundo's Instagram account is a treasure trove of happy selfies and pictures of outfits. The unique beauty, which is covered from head to toe in polka dots, seems to have confidence in the swords

But, according to Delmundo, it took a long time to reach a place of himself. acceptance about his body.

"They harassed me in elementary school and the other children used names like 'Monster' or 'Chipsmore', which was very difficult to swallow when I was young," she told Elle Malaysia, referring to a Malaysian cookie brand. with chocolate chips. "I was very shy and I got scared because I did not know how to deal with that."

He told Elle that he credits a church camp he attended four years ago. years in 16 with helping her find self-acceptance.

"I really learned to love myself and communicate with others," she said. "This was probably the first time I really started Accept who I was, how I look. "

Delmundo, who once considered removing polka dots, said he is now" grateful "for not changing anything, that feeling also seems to be true for his 42,000 Instagram followers: go to his page to leave words of encouragement and promote it as an inspiration.

"Honestly, trustworthy goals!" "A follower wrote in a recent publication.

"Awww makes me feel so much better about my moles", someone wrote in another.

] Armed with her newfound confidence, Delmundo said she recently made the decision to participate in the Miss Universe Malaysia contest.

"It's my dream," he wrote in a photo.

When a commentator responded by asking Delmundo if his dream was "to be judged by everyone," she responded that she does not see the contest that way.

"My dream is to make all girls have their own [confidence] with their own beauty," he wrote.

Callbacks for the contest are scheduled to take place in July. We can not wait to see what's next for this young inspirer.

We communicate with Delmundo through his management; this publication can be updated

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