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Wake Tech and William Peace University Announce New Academic Partnership

RALEIGH, NC (September 9, 2020) – Wake Technical Community College (WTCC) and William Peace University (WPU) are proud to announce a new academic partnership.

The new initiative combines prior individual program articulation agreements into a single comprehensive general agreement, offering a streamlined transfer process for graduates of Wake Tech's Associate of Applied Science degree programs in Business Administration, Business Analysis, Criminal Justice Technology, Health and Fitness Science, simulation and game development who wish

to continue their education and earn a BA in corresponding programs at William Peace University.

These AAS pathways, along with the pathways under the comprehensive articulation agreement at the state level, allow students to achieve their professional aspirations and are part of an ongoing commitment by both institutions to promote support programs that improve educational opportunities.

“We are proud to once again partner with Wake Technical Community College,” comments Dr. Brian C. Ralph, President of WPU. “It is one of the best community colleges in the country and its graduates have proven to be excellent students here at William Peace University while pursuing their undergraduate studies. This new collaboration agreement is primarily focused on student success and helping the talented

Wake Tech Community College graduates take the next step in their educational journey. ”

Under this initiative, William Peace will seamlessly transfer a graduate's credits from his AAS degree, as well as additional general education. "We are delighted with this recently revised articulation agreement

with William Peace University," says Wake Tech President Dr. Scott Ralls. "In addition to the transfer of degree credits, WTCC graduates who entering WPU under this agreement can take additional general education courses at Wake Tech and transfer them to WPU. This will allow a lower cost to complete the baccalaureate degree and, depending on the student's schedule, could shorten the time until graduation. "

As part of its commitment to WTCC students, WPU has also established the William Peace Pathways Scholarship to encourage and reward Wake Tech graduates who intend to earn their bachelor's degree from college. This scholarship improves the transfer process for these students and allows them to receive up to $ 19,000 in scholarships based on academic achievement. "We are excited to welcome and support you with our William Peace Pathways Scholarship, which is exclusively for Wake Tech graduates," emphasized Dr. Ralph.

The programs included in the new articulation agreement are:

  1. WTCC Associate of Applied Sciences, Business Administration – General Business Concentration for Bachelor of Science from WPU, Business Administration.
  2. WTCC Associate of Applied Science, Business Analytics to WPU Bachelor of Science, Business Analytics.
  3. WTCC Associate in Applied Science, Criminal Justice Technology to WPU Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice.
  4. WTCC Associate in Applied Sciences, Health Sciences and Fitness for the Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sports Sciences at WPU.
  5. WTCC Associate in Applied Sciences, Health Sciences and Fitness of the Bachelor of Arts, Sports and Physics Studies of the WPU.
  6. WTCC Associate in Applied Science, Simulation and Game Development – WPU Bachelor of Arts, Simulation and Game Design Programming.
  1. WTCC Associate in Applied Sciences, Simulation and Game Development – Arts Degree to Bachelor of Arts, Simulation and Game Design from WPU.

For more information on the Transfer Articulation Agreement and the specific degree completion plan for each of the above programs, visit: Students / transfer -articulation -agreements /.dades

For more information on transfer opportunities for Wake Tech graduates, visit

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