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UPMC and Carnegie Mellon University Collaborate to Develop Rapid Coronavirus Test – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA): A Novel Rapid Coronavirus Antibody Test Developed in a Collaborative Effort between Carnegie University Mellon, Pitt and UPMC.

According to the CMU researchers, the test would give results in 10-15 seconds.

The test, which could detect two antibodies to the virus responsible for COVID-19, would require a drop of blood from a person's fingertip, which via a handheld device would send the results to a smartphone.

The device is about the size of a quarter and the researchers say 3D printing technology is responsible for the efficiency and accuracy of the test.

It is also believed to have a very low error rate because the reaction between antibody and antigen on the device is very selective.

Two other positives about the device: A CMU researcher says the device's cost to manufacture is low. It could have up to 10 uses and is already a provisional patent and is close to human trials.

Those human trials would be conducted at UPMC.

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