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University of Ulster: hit students can get an increase in grades

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The strike was called to protest against changes in teachers' pensions

Some students of the University of Ulster (UU) could obtain exams if their courses were affected by strikes.

Several UU classes were canceled earlier this year due to a strike by the University and University Union (UCU).

The university has analyzed the grades of the affected courses to see if they are lower than in previous years.

If that is the case, he recommends that students who take those courses have their grades increased.

However, the UCU has criticized the plans of the university since it said that the professors had already assured that students not disadvantaged by industrial action.


In an email to the members, seen by the BBC, the UCU described the university's plans as "completely unacceptable".

"The university has taken unilateral measures to adjust the qualifications in some courses to mitigate the industrial action taken at the beginning of the year," he said.

The union said it questioned equity and equity in the methodology used to increase the ratings.

"After the strike, we advise members to make local decisions about exams and courses to ensure that students are not harmed by industrial action," the e-mail continued.

I know that many of you rewrote exam papers, provided additional online material, or extracted untrained items from the qualification grid courses. "

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The strike also affected the Queen's University in Belfast

The union said it was unbelievable that the university authorities considered it appropriate to impose a general solution on the courses that had already been reviewed.

The email said that the staff could not be asked to "defend this unilateral and completely irresponsible approach".

However, a spokesman for the university said he was committed to ensuring that students were not disadvantaged and that academic standards were protected.

Lower than expected '

They also said that the UU had conducted an analysis of the course modules affected by the strike to see if the marks were lower than expected.

"This process compared the average of the mark of a module the module marks the averages of the last three years, with the appropriate controls in place," they said.

The university spokesman declined to specify how many courses were involved.

However, the UN iversity said it would still depend on the university's exam boards, which meet to moderate and approve the grades for each course, to decide on the final grades awarded to the students.

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