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University of Minnesota that requires vaccinations from employees

The university will go from requiring employees to attest to their immunization statutes, to requiring them to present proof of vaccination to comply with the executive order of the president Joe Biden, who asks federal contractors and subcontractors to show proof of employee vaccinations.

The rector of the University, Joan Gabel, made the announcement in a letter on Friday to the community of the system.

"In the midst of our successful preventive work, we know that many of you would like more compliance and certainty," Gabel wrote in the letter. "To recognize the calling in our community with greater certainty and also comply with the order, we must collect proof of vaccination from a large group of university employees."

Before the new requirement, employees who were not vaccinated had to agree to comply with the regular tests, while students in the system had to submit their vaccination information or request an exemption before October 8.

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