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University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Collaborates on Nanosatellites Research

The Seahawk-1 CubeSat was launched in 2018 on SpaceX's first carpool from the US

Now As the project is entering its operational phase, researchers can analyze the images taken by SEAHAWK-1 right here in Chatham County.

“This gives us insight into the biology and chemistry of the oceans. So it tells us if there is a lot of algae where there is a lot of sediment or organic material. So he talks about the quality of the water, he talks about productivity. It tells us about the health of the ocean in general, said Sara Rivero-Calle, assistant professor at the University of Georgia.

 Nanosatellite images are taken from the Georgia coast to Australia and everywhere in ... "height =" 3024 "src =" / Bm7U8WuRjsR9RtpnCSdrYgFeNOo = / 980x0 / smart / filters: quality (85) / cloudfront-us- "width =" 9809 "/></div><p> The images The nanosatellite are taken from the coast of Georgia to Australia and elsewhere. <span
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The nanosatellite is expected to take about 100 photos a week, which can be viewed here.

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