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University Medical Center EMS obtains new cardiac monitors



] The University Medical Center is adding new cardiac monitor defibrillators to each of its ambulances.

According to UMC, they received 20 of the Zoll cardiac monitors from the X series. These monitors are supposed to improve the speed at which the information is delivered.

"They are faster, lighter, more durable and more accurate," said Thomas Moore, director of Emergency Medical Services.

He said that monitors are used to track a person's vital signs and observe the patient's heart rhythm.

"It was more than $ 700,000, making it a significant investment in the community and, ultimately, better for the patient and the provider," Moore said. .

Paramedics can now use WiFi to share ECG information to doctors and nurses who are waiting in the emergency room, he said. In addition, EMS can carry these monitors wherever they go.

"They measure respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels in a person's blood and can also detect carbon monoxide and dioxide of carbon in a patient, "Moore said.

He said that the blood pressure capacity has increased while a vehicle is in motion, and includes a CPR feedback function.

With these devices, UMC says they can make quicker decisions when it comes to a person's health.

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