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University and police prepare for the visit of Ben Shapiro | Local news

Selinsgrove police are ready for protesters who may descend on the Susquehanna University campus on Tuesday to face conservative Ben Shapiro.

County Sheriff Thomas Garlock is working with the Department of Public Safety at the university, but did not discuss information about the police response to the Shapiro campus visit.

Shapiro, editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, is scheduled to speak at the Degenstein Center Theater at 6:30 p.m. m. No tickets available.

A group called Susquehanna Rising has tried to prevent Shapiro from speaking on the Snyder County campus and has announced on his Facebook page that he plans to protest the event organized jointly by the SU College Democrats and his College Republicans.

Michael Kennedy, president of SU College Democrats, said that despite his participation he does not share Shapiro's views, including his description of transgender people as mentally ill, and intends to participate in a peaceful protest.

The university does not say what security measures are being provided. On Thursday, an investigation was conducted on how the University of Susquehanna will respond to possible protests and specific questions were asked, as requested, in writing, but no response was provided.

Susquehanna University maintains strict control over those attending the event on Tuesday. Media representatives must register several days in advance and before they are allowed to enter the conference room, they must present a picture ID.

Shapiro has been a lightning rod on college campuses across the country for the past two years since embarking on a university conference tour.

At the University of California at Berkeley last September, police rioted in anticipation of a wild crowd but violence erupted among the approximately 1,000 people who showed up.

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