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The Wesleyan University Among the Schools Directed to the Federal Probe

Wesleyan University is among several competitive private schools selected in a federal investigation by the Department of Justice, but the school said on Wednesday they were unaware of the exact nature of the investigation.

Wesleyan University and other schools received The letters last week alerted the administration of the early admissions research center and requested that they keep information on efforts to share the names of students admitted between schools, the Wall Street Journal reported.

"Although we do not know exactly what the Department of Justice may be investigating, we are cooperating fully," Wesleyan said in a brief statement on Wednesday.

The Journal reported that several New England schools such as Middlebury College, Wellesley College, Amherst College and Williams College also received letters.

These schools, including Wesleyan, often attract a large number of applicants from Connecticut. But for what purpose they are sharing the information of the accepted students it was not clear.

In an email on Wednesday, a Department of Justice spokeswoman declined to comment on the investigation.

Wesleyan University details its early decision process at its admissions site, saying: "Students requesting an advance decision certify that Wesleyan is their first choice and agree to accept the Wesleyan admission offer if it is extended. applications sent to other universities and not initiate any new application. "

Students who request an early decision, whose first applications expire in November, must sign an agreement at that time. they send their materials.

The standard seems to be the same for most schools: usually, the early decision is reserved for the best option of the student and is reviewed months before the largest group of applications.

made reference to an administrator of Amherst College who acknowledged that Amherst and 30 other universities commonly share the names of persons admitted through an early decision.

This research occurs amid the growth of early decision requests received by the university. In the winter of 2016, the school reported a jump of almost 17 percent year after year in early decision applications, surpassing more than 700.

The National Association of University Admission Counseling, of which Wesleyan University is an institution member, said they learned of the schools' research.

"We have learned from NACAC members that the Department of Justice seems to be reviewing the early decision admission practices of some colleges and universities, the department is examining some schools that may have shared lists of students accepted under such programs," he said. NACAC President David Burge in a statement.

The organization said it has no more information about what the government is looking for. for or why they seek information,

"However, because this problem may affect some of our members, we are monitoring the situation closely," he said.

The organization acknowledged that the Department of Justice had made a recent request for information about the NACAC code of ethics.

Burge said: "We have no reason to believe that this new investigation is connected to the recent requests of the Department of Justice …"

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