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The University of Shippensburg plans to prepare students for the craft beer industry, thanks to a new grant


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa. – At GearHouse Brewing Company in Chambersburg, you will find David Kozloski, the brewmaster. It will tell you that brewing beer is not as easy as it seems.

"It's a culmination of the sciences involved in brewing, whether it's chemistry, biology, metallurgy, psychic, thermodynamic, or fluid dynamics," said Kozloski. That's why Shippensburg University is doing its part to make sure that students entering the brewing industry are prepared. The institution received a grant that will soon help fund the classes for students to learn more about the industry.

"Many brewers learned their skill from home brewing or the kind of trial and error and we believe that our university has a great way to bridge that gap," said Dr. Alison Feeney. , professor of geography / earth sciences

Shippensburg University will partner with GearHouse Brewing Company and local brewers to train students.

"We hope they are very practical and really, you know, help those who develop the industry, to be a more mature and skilled workforce," said Dr. Feeney.

"We want to make sure that those who try to make beer for the masses receive the proper training and meet the necessary criteria as food for the human population," said Kozloski.

Pennsylvania is the largest beer state in the country. Because of that, officials at Shippensburg University know that the brewing industry is not going anywhere.

"In Pennsylvania, it has an economic impact of $ 7 billion and what is really interesting to me is how these breweries are helping to maintain small centers throughout the state," said Dr. Feeney.

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