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The University of Buckingham claims to be the first drug-free campus in the United Kingdom

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The University of Buckingham has not yet established a date for the presentation of the contracts

A university should ask students to sign contracts that promise not to use gas on his property in an attempt to become the first drug-free campus in Britain.

Vice Chancellor of Buckingham University, Sir Anthony Seldon, said the institutions were "failing students on drugs."

As reported in the Sunday Times, the number of British students disciplined by drug use increased 42% since 2015.

But former police chief Tom Lloyd said the Buckingham proposal "infantilized" adult students.

The Sunday Times figures came from requests for freedom of information.

Most involved smoking cannabis, but a growing number involved hard drugs or drugs.

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Sir Anthony said the goal of the contract was "to be compassionate and enlightened, to help our students learn how to be fully grown"

Sir Anthony said: "Students' lives are lost unnecessarily and are in danger.

" Universities need to shake off and take more responsibility for the students in their care. "

[1 9459015] Students will be asked to leave if they continue to take drugs on campus, which is in Buckingham, after signing the contract.

Mr. Lloyd, Cambridgeshire police chief and now policy adviser He said that Sir Anthony was "extremely naive in thinking that he can make universities drug-free."

He said that "the university is an opportunity for [students] to develop without being mollycoddled," and that "prohibition is a hugely costly, counterproductive and damaging failure."

Mr. Lloyd said that the best way to reduce harm to students was to allow the drug analysis organization The Loop to verify the medications before use.

Harry Shapiro, the director of online drug information is rvice DrugWise, said: "People use drugs for all kinds of reasons, then, where is the pastoral care in all this?

" I think that there must be an adequate consultation with health professionals and also with those responsible for student welfare. "

A spokesman for Buckingham University said he was working on the details of the implementation of the policy, but had not set a date for its introduction.

He said it was a" "small university" with 3,000 students, and she believed that drug use there would be in line with national figures.

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