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The university includes Nazi quotes in emails to students

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Erwin Rommel, seen here with Adolf Hitler, was a Nazi general in World War II

A university apologized for sending students an appointment of a noto Nazi general river in what was supposed to be a motivational message.

Email cited the saying of Erwin Rommel: "You can not afford unique opportunities to sneak in for the sake of little things."

The University of Exeter said the appointment, used by a staff member in their professional advisory service, was generated "randomly" from a website.

As reported by the Falmouth package, the mail electronic was distributed "internally".

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Last year a swastika was found in a doorway at the University of Exeter

A spokesman for the University of Exeter said that a member of the University of Exeter Professional counseling staff used the Quotefancy website to find an appointment for the "internal email" for students and staff.

"Unfortunately, the staff member did not recognize the name attributed to the quote generated," said the spokesman.

"This was a genuine mistake and in no way intentional, however, we apologize without reservation for any offense that may have caused, and have implemented additional processes to ensure that this does not happen again. "

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The staff member did not recognize the name of Erwin Rommel, said the university

Rommel, who was known as the "Desert Fox", became famous for his the German Afrika Korps during the Second World War.

Last year a carved swastika was found in a doorway in a student hall at the same university.

In 2016, the University of Exeter launched an investigation after students wore T-shirts with racist and anti-Semitic slogans at a social event.

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