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The new university rankings "put at risk the titles of nursing and social work" | Education

 Nick Petford, vice chancellor of the University of Northampton "src =" https: // 0_565_2832_2831 / master / 2832.jpg? w = 300 & q = 55 & auto = format & usm = 12 & fit = max & s = 8a520e8127be35d4677c0c7439a38863 "/> </source> </source> </source> </source> </picture></div><p> <span

Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor of the University of Northampton

"It would be more than ridiculous to link excellence in teaching with the salaries of institutions that graduate workers in a public sector, where the government has a salary cap," he says. "We have no control over what is paid to a nurse. But we are proud to help provide the best nurses the country needs. "

The new policy has been enabled by the release of the experimental data set Longitudinal Education Outcomes [PDF] from the government, which is the first of his type in tracking graduates in the workplace, using information from different government departments.

Petford says: "No matter how well intentioned, if used crudely as a comparator, the data could destabilize the system and put some courses at risk. "He adds:" If you really believe that university X is better than university AND in the salaries of graduates, you will favor by default those who educate veterans and bankers about those who train dementia nurses and elementary school teachers. "

The director of another university, who asked to remain anonymous, expresses it clearly:" The practical for me if I want a gold Tef is to close the infirmary and social assistance and recruit a large number of lawyers. I think it will be incredibly socially regressive. "

Similarly, feelings are running out at the University of the West of England in Bristol, which trains a large number of students for careers in nursing, social work, paramedics and the police, Steve West, the vice chancellor, says: "Many will start their careers in public services where salaries have been repressed for years and professional progression has been reduced. Many will keep our hospitals, schools and social services open.

"The simple idea that value equals winning power is naive and insulting, young people are driven by many things, and for the majority it is not how much they earn when they graduate."

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