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The limit of university places for medical students is lifted after the algorithm fiasco | Politics News

The limit on university places to study medicine has been temporarily lifted as A-level students rush into courses due to the algorithm fiasco.

All those who may have missed their first option too much The study will have the right to go there the next academic year or the next.

The government made the decision after harrowing stories emerged from schools of students being unfairly demoted due to a controversial algorithm that graded them instead of canceled exams due to the coronavirus .

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Initially an algorithm was used that unfairly demoted some students

The ministers were facing pressure after the Royal College of GPs said that a "large number of potential medical students" had been affected and a "deeply disturbing" proportion came from areas that are already under-treated.

The organization noted that at least 20% more places are needed to study medicine just to ensure there are enough GPs in the future.

Results may not be transmitted to universities until the end of the week

AND students who were on their way to getting good enough grades said they had been left in limbo.

One, Chris Byrne, said: "I managed to get the offers and they were still taken away from me by something outside of my control, which is incredibly frustrating.

" I'm stuck waiting… There is a lot of uncertainty about what goes to pass. "

Then, on Thursday, the Department of Education announced that the limit on medicine, dentistry, would be lifted,

Additional funds will also be given to universities so they can handle the increase of students.

 medical students serving as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour the Health and Science Building at Coventry University during their visit to the city.
Some students hoping to study medicine were left in limbo

But the government said UCAS would not you can share applicants' revised grades with colleges until "the end of the week," making time even more difficult for those who want to continue confirming their final places.

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan admitted that this is an "incredibly difficult time for students."

He assured them that "every effort is being made to ensure that all those who planned it can move on to higher education."

Ms. Donelan added: "This pandemic has highlighted more than ever the importance of our fantastic healthcare services and the need to invest in them.

" So I am pleased that we are removing the cap on these courses and providing additional funding so that more students can take their places now and become our future physicians and healthcare professionals. "

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