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The former student files a lawsuit against Drury University

SPRINGFIELD, Mo A former student at Drury University is suing the school.

She says the university did not do enough to protect her and other students from sexual assault on campus

The lawsuit documents say the student was a freshman at Drury when a man attended She was sexually assaulted there in a dormitory in 2017 and then physically assaulted her the following day.

The student says she reported the attacks to her school counselor

Her lawsuit says the school referred her to Drury's Title 9 office, where the security chief told her not to file a police report.


The presentation of the court says that the University initiated an investigation and moved the man to a different bedroom. But he says he continued to sneak into the victim's bedroom.

More than a month later, Drury completed his investigation and determined that the male student violated Title 9's sexual misconduct policy, including the provisions of sexual harassment.

The woman's lawsuit says that the man who assaulted her was allowed to stay on campus, but was not allowed to speak with her or even sign up for the same classes she was taking

Here's the statement that Drury University sent KY3 / KSPR:

"We were notified today that Drury University was named in a lawsuit related to a Title IX investigation that took place in 2017. Because this is pending litigation, we can not comment about the details of the case, but we want to assure you that Drury acted with the utmost integrity in investigating this incident.We have a thorough process to investigate all complaints of Title IX, one that guarantees the protection of student rights and well-being We take this responsibility seriously and we are consistent in following a process that exercises extreme diligence, although it is difficult to read about the accusations ions against Drury, we support the people and the processes that we undertook in this case. Student safety is, always has been, and will continue to be, a priority. "

The woman says she went to the Dean of Students to express her fear, but says she was told that, according to the lawsuit," Maybe if you go home this summer, you'll get over it. "

The girl returned for the fall semester of 2017 and says she soon saw the man at her feet at a school event, so she retired the school.

KY3 / KSPR called the student's attorney to comment, but I have not received a response.

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