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The first known victim of Larry Nassar is a mother figure of hundreds of young survivors

This article is part of "A year later: Larry Nassar and The women who made us listen", a seven-part series commemorating the seven days a woman was in a court in Lansing, Michigan, last year. his abuser, the former Gymnastics coach of the United States and Michigan State, Larry Nassar. Read more here.

By all appearances, Sarah Klein leads a relatively ordinary life.

The 39-year-old woman lives on the outskirts of Philadelphia with her 3-year-old daughter, Genevieve. A former lawyer, she travels a lot for her work as a consultant for a firm based in Florida. She is motivated and passionate, but has a relaxed way of making anyone feel at home

What most do not know is how Klein's life has been shaped, especially in recent years, by the scandal of Larry Nassar, the former coach of USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University now serving a life sentence for child sexual abuse. Klein is the first known victim of Nassar. She says he started sexually abusing her in 1988. She was only 8 years old.

Until last summer, Klein was only known in court documents as "Victim 125". His choice to maintain his private identity through the various Nassar trials and the sentencing hearings was a "deliberate decision" to maintain privacy while examining and unpacking years of trauma.

More than three decades after the abuse began, Klein tells me that these last years have been a complicated mixture of sadness, anger and exhaustion.

" It's so sad to discover that someone you loved was capable of harming so many people and of breaking so many lives," he said.

As a young gymnast, Klein spent most of his childhood with Nassar, a family friend first and a second sports coach. He was 8 years old when he started training at John Geddert's gym and it was recorded by Nassar. She met Stephanie Anderson when she was Nassar's girlfriend. Later, she attended her wedding.

Klein described Nassar as one of the most important male figures he knew. "W e we live a lot of life together," he said.

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