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The drunken man from Florida who brought the crocodile alive in Beer Run says he does not remember him

Last week he was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida, a man who entered a convenience store with a living crocodile tucked under the arm,

Robert Timothy Barr, 28, also known as Robby Stratton, and Kevin Scott Keene, 23, were charged with possession illegal crocodile, illegal exposure of dangerous wildlife and cruelty to animals, local news station WJXT4 reported. .

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is investigating the incident, told HuffPost on Monday that it is still trying to identify another individual in the case. .

Barr was seen in a viral Facebook video running boastfully through the convenience store in late July carrying the 4 to 5-foot crocodile whose mouth was closed with tape, according to the WTLV news station.

In the video, Barr enters the store and asks:

"Yes, everything is not out of the beer, right?"

] Then he sees someone in the back of the store and yells, "Are you drinking the last beer? You're not drinking the last beer, right?"

Run jokingly behind the person while the animal's tail moves until it reaches a refrigerator. Then take a large package of what appears to be Busch beer.

You can also listen to the person who records the video saying: "He is alive."

You can hear the laughter throughout the recording.

Barr later told the WJAX-CBS 47 news station, "This store sells a good liquor and I drank a lot that night"

He also said he had no "idea" of how he and the crocodile were paired, and insisted that when he arrived at the store, the reptile was in the back of his truck.

Another disquieting live Facebook video obtained by WJAX, however, may shed some light on how the bizarre execution of the beer materialized.

In this video you can see Barr holding the reptile.

"This (expletive) had a grass eater in his hand, looked at it and found it," Barr said in the video.

"He was working and he approached me and I threw myself on his (expletive)," said Keene, Barr's friend who was also accused.

Officials of the state conservation commission are now looking for an unidentified man who also appears in this video (see below) who can be seen stepping on the animal. Then he holds it up and yells "Florida State, baby!"

Florida State University is the rival of the University of Florida, whose pet is a crocodile.

Barr told WJAX that he does not know the man in the video and does not approve of his behavior.

He told the store that he was drunk when he met the animal and thought he was dead. Barr said that once he realized he was alive, sometime after he forced him to be his accomplice in alcohol-fueled nonsense, he threw him into a stream near the store.


"I definitely regret it," he said. "It was stupid."

If you recognize the man involved in the crocodile, we recommend that you call the Wildlife Alert hotline of the conservation commission at 888-404-3922.

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