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The dance marathon of Rutgers University in 2018 raises more than $ 1 million

Sure, the spring football season is here.

That's fine and elegant.

But do you know which is better? Helping people.

Sports, of course, can also do that, but Rutgers University, since 1999, organizes an annual dance marathon event in which the money raised goes to the Embrace Kids Foundation.

The mission of the Embrace Kids Foundation is "to alleviate the burden, maintain normalcy and improve the quality of life of families whose children face cancer, sickle cell disease and other serious health problems." Embrace Kids addresses the spiritual, emotional and financial needs of patient families in the New Jersey / New York metropolitan area. "

This year's Dance Marathon event raised more than $ 1 million for the Embrace Kids Foundation as the total announced on Saturday night was $ 1,055,468.37.

Raising more than $ 1 million for a great cause is just a wonderful thing There is no other way to express it.

In addition to the dance, color war relay races, treasure hunts and band performances are held throughout the event, among other activities.

The Scarlet Knights men's basketball team also appeared:

As did the soccer team:

Since 1999, the event has raised more than $ 6.9 million for Embrace Kids Foundation.

More information about the foundation can be found here.

You can find information about donations here.

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