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The Central University of Washington says that the buildings are protected, the campus is safe after the reports of possible active shooters

The police of Central Washington University in Ellensburg says all buildings have been protected and that the campus is safe after reports of a possible active shooter on Wednesday night.

The campus police responded to a report by an active shooter in the Lind Hall area, the Central Washington University police said on Twitter

People were urged to stay out of the area.

No injuries were reported.

Before 7:30 p.m., campus officials said that all buildings were insured and that the campus is safe. There were no confirmed or suspicious shots.

CWU President James L. Gaudino issued the following statement on Thursday:

"Yesterday our campus experienced an incident that, fortunately, turned out to be a false report." Our police responded to a 9-1 call. -1 of a possible shooter in one of the buildings on our campus.The officers responded quickly in a proper and well-coordinated manner to secure the campus buildings in order to conduct an exhaustive search.They also alerted the campus community about the possible threat

"I applaud not only our first responders, but also our students, staff and teachers, who followed the instructions of the police to remain in place or away from campus during the episode. Thanks for your help, understanding. and their cooperation, which greatly aided the application of the law while seeking to secure the campus.

"While this was a false alarm, and for that I am very grateful, it reminds us that we live in times when such external threats can be real and deadly." This was a traumatic experience for our entire campus, especially for those who passed through. a time in a safe building, waiting for approval, our advisors are waiting for any member of our campus who needs support.

"I encourage you to talk to others (friends, teachers, advisors, mentors ) about what you are experiencing. I discovered that it is better to be in the company of others, in our usual environments, than to be alone and isolated.

"Our main concern is to ensure the safety of our students." Ellensburg and CWU are safe and welcoming communities as a result of all of us working together, caring for each other.

Thank you. "

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