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The audio of Lauren McCluskey's help calls shows her concern for the police at the University of Utah

Lauren McCluskey was concerned about the time it would take the police at the University of Utah to respond to her reports that she had received harassment Messages and a threat of extortion. He decided to contact the Salt Lake City police.

"Hi, I've been blackmailed for money," said Lauren McCluskey during the start of her Oct. 13 phone call to the Salt Lake City Police Department, which posted a recording of Friday's call.

McCluskey explained that he had already submitted a report to the police at the University of Utah, but had not heard any updates. "I was worried because I was not sure how long it would take to file an arrest," McCluskey told the Salt Lake City police dispatcher.

He had contacted the campus police department on October 12 to report that he had received harassment messages; she had called the campus police again the next day to report receiving messages that threatened to distribute compromising photos of her with Rowland.

On Friday, the Salt Lake City police released recordings of the two calls McCluskey made to them, as well as a call her father made after Rowland kidnapped her and a search was launched. In his two calls to the Salt Lake City police, McCluskey expressed frustration over the fact that campus police were not moving fast enough.




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