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Temple University on alert after students tested positive for mumps


Students, faculty and staff at Temple University have have been notified about cases of mumps on campus.

Student Health Services says that four Temple students have tested positive for the highly infectious virus.

Friday was the last day before spring break and some Temple students were worried.

"Yes, it worries me a little that people do not get vaccinated," said student Caroline Gugel.

Students say that, in addition to the pressures of studying and getting grades, they have to worry about contracting the disease.

The University notified the students on Tuesday.

. Symptoms are similar to the flu, and often include swollen and tender glands under the ear and along the line of the jaw.

It continued to provide ways to prevent the spread of the disease:

series of two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.
– Avoid sharing food and drinks
– Stay isolated if you are sick

The University also says that the symptoms of mumps usually appear between 16 and 18 days after exposure.

There's no cure. It usually clears up in about two weeks.

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