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Students from the University of Urbana still in the dark about the weapons incident on campus

Two students from the University of Urbana were arrested in connection with a shooting that occurred on Tuesday that caused the closure of the campus.

The campus police said they received a report of a bullet shot on campus near a dormitory at 2 p.m.

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Urban police confirmed today that a gun was discharged during an altercation involving several people within a room in the Sycamore Hall bedroom.

No one was injured, but police found fragments of the bullet fired inside the dormitory, according to a statement from Urbana police

Today, Urbana police arrested Ryon W.A. Lucas, 21, of Trotwood, on suspicion of aggravated robbery. On Wednesday, Hunter P. Donnan, 18, of Huber Heights, entered the Tri-County jail on suspicion of drug trafficking (marijuana) and possession of criminal tools, police said

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