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St. Cloud State University has launched the new Center for the Promotion and International Diplomacy of Disability.

(KNSI) –

St. Cloud State University announced the launch of the Center for International Disability Advocacy and Diplomacy in the US Pavilion at the World's Fair 2020 in Dubai.

The mission of the center is to promote the rights of people with disabilities both locally and globally. The center will serve as a center for interdisciplinary collaborative research with faculty, national and international students, community members, and visitors at St. Cloud State University.

“To host this expanded diversity, equity and inclusion initiative within higher education and around the world, I am honored to formally announce the launch of a St. Cloud State University Center for International Disability Advocacy and Diplomacy. ”Wacker said. "The Center for the Promotion and Diplomacy of International Disability will develop global academies, strategic network partnerships, leadership training programs, conduct interdisciplinary research and development, and promote disability policy and advocacy."

Jake Judd (KNSI News)

The mission of the center focuses on five pillars of development:

  • Strengthening intercultural knowledge and understanding through global academies
  • development of networks and strategic partnerships to promote the US CRPD
  • Promotion and promotion of the rights of persons with disabilities through education and training
  • promotion of academic research, training and development
  • promote diversity, equity, inclusion and Accessibility at All Levels of Public Policy and Diplomacy

Dr. Kathy Johnson and Dr. Amy Knopf will lead the center. Dr. Johnson is the director of Chinese Language and Culture Programs at SCSU, while Dr. Knopf is the director of the Rehabilitation Counseling and Addiction Counseling programs.


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