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Russian university adopts STC facial recognition access control solution

Stavropol State Agrarian University (SSAU) adopted a facial recognition solution from Speech Technology Center (STC), which is the first university in southern Russia to implement the technology, according to a company announcement.

SSAU acquired the system through its collaboration with Sberbank, a long-time partner of the university who has helped launch the campus face biometrics project.

Sberbank acquired a majority stake in STC in a 2019 agreement.

The solution has been installed and configured at multiple entrances to the university campus and uses a Smart Tracker FRS machine learning and computer vision system that can detect and identify visitors entering the university gates with facial recognition.

The system increases the security level of the campus since access to the university facilities will be restricted only to those who have their data stored on the platform. The system compares an extracted image with stored data of people with authorized access to the university campus to automatically open a door.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky, CEO of Speech Technology Center, said the solution is the product of their advanced algorithms, as well as their collaboration with some of the leading manufacturers of access control systems.

“The implementation of our facial recognition system as part of a campus project could be the starting point for more campus projects across Russia. These not only involve the already implemented use case, but also others that are especially relevant today, such as remote exams and remote submissions of qualification papers. We are happy to be part of a fundamental process for the entire education sector ”, he said.

Safer and faster access

Alexey Chvanov, Manager of the Stavropol branch of Sberbank, and Prof. Ivan Atanov, Rector of SSAU, expressed their enthusiasm for the installation of the solution and hoped it would ensure more access safe and fast for everyone.

“… The technologies of the Speech Technology Сenter will ensure not only convenient and quick access, but also allow it without contact, which is important in the context of the current epidemiological situation. I am sure that the implementation of this project will address a number of issues related to security and the daily activities of the university, ”said the manager of Sberbank.

“Our university includes several functional spaces, including academic buildings, dormitories, and two campuses located in separate areas. Such a large infrastructure required an extremely serious approach to guarantee its security, ”said the Rector.

According to its CEO, Speech Technology Center was the first company to use facial recognition in a sports arena. He added that the solution is used, to date, in 18 sports venues, more than 70 transport facilities and in eight safe cities. The university has more than 18,000 students and more than a thousand employees.

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