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President Thomas: Tri State Public Radio – Western Illinois University News

President Thomas: Tri States Public Radio

August 21, 2018

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Dear University Community,</p><p> As we have presented in numerous forums and meetings during the last two years with our constituent units of the University and the community, the University has had to make difficult budgetary decisions. Employees and others have repeatedly asked us what we are doing to chart the course of Western Illinois University's future. However, when decisions are made to conserve resources, personal attacks and the dissemination of incorrect information sometimes occur.</p><p> With the financial situation we are facing, we must move forward to maintain the viability of the University. The Board has ordered the administration to review all services at the institution. That is what we have done and that is what we must continue doing.</p><p> In recent news related to the financing of Tri State Public Radio, inaccurate information circulates that the University is eliminating the station. This is not true. The station will no longer receive appropriated funds (approximately $ 453,000) from the institution after March 1, 2019. The station's management was notified on August 10 of the change in funding for the station. As of March 1, the radio station will become a self-financed department within the structure of the University and will be responsible for generating its income needs, including staff costs. After March 1, the financial obligations of the station, including payroll, may be met through inappropriate funding sources, as necessary.</p><p> The station will continue to have a home at Western Illinois University. Like WQPT, which is located on the WIU-Quad Cities campus, Tri State Public Radio will not receive funds allocated to its staff costs. In addition, similar to the WQPT association with the University, the WIU Foundation will provide the non-profit status for Tri States Public Radio.</p><p> We understand the value that Tri States Public Radio brings to this institution and the region, and we appreciate the passion of the people and the support of the station. However, we must look at all areas in terms of budget. The University can not be everything for everyone, particularly in these challenging budgetary times. Simply, the University can not continue operating as it has done in the past.</p><p> Thank you for trying to understand the most difficult position in which we have placed ourselves due to the decrease in resources and the persistent effect of the state budget impasse. We will continue to advocate in Springfield for adequate and consistent funding for Western Illinois University and public higher education.</p><p> Sincerely,</p><p> Jack Thomas <br
President <br
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