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"Phylogenomics, Biodiversity and Medicinal Plants" in Next Clarkson University Science Cafe

Prof. Michelle Yoo

Clarkson University biology professor Michelle Yoo will present phylogenomics, biodiversity and medicinal plants at the upcoming Clarkson University Science Café at 7:15 pm on Tuesday, November 3.

Traditionally, Science Cafes have brought together university and college professors and townspeople in relaxed and informal settings, such as cafes and pubs. For everyone's health and safety, we moved to ZOOM, a virtual platform for the fall talk series. The speaker will give a short presentation on a topic in his field and, as always, there will be plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Flowering plants are the most diverse group among plants, with approximately 250,000 known species. People have depended on flowering plants for food, wood, fiber, medicine, decoration, and landscaping throughout the centuries. Join Professor Michelle Yoo (Biology, Clarkson) for a fascinating discussion of flowering plants and efforts to better understand and protect their biodiversity. Yoo will describe recent progress in biodiversity research using the entire genome, or large portions of the genome ("phylogenomics"), and how this research explores new uses for medicinal plants. It will also explain how we can all contribute to biodiversity research through the Naturalist website and app.

New to participating in virtual events? We will use ZOOM, which allows participants to connect with or without ZOOM installed on their device. Use the link below to access the Zoom Help Center, which provides information, instructions, and assistance to new Zoom users.

Zoom meeting links for each talk (required to access the meeting) will be sent to all Science Café participants who shared their email addresses. If we do not have your email address and would like to attend, please send your request or any questions to or visit for updates.

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