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Pepperdine University shelters despite evacuations, Raging Fire «CBS Los Angeles

MALIBU (CBSLA) – While the flames devoured homes and forced residents to evacuate, Pepperdine University decided to take refuge instead raised concerns on Saturday between students and parents

Devastating fires have destroyed at least 150 homes and 39,000 acres without containment, which has led to the evacuation of more than 250,000 people in Los Angeles counties. Angeles and Ventura

Despite the evacuation orders and the flames near campus, Pepperdine told the students to duck instead of leaving

The father of a student told him to CBS2 that his son was forced to leave campus on foot after his car was supposedly blocked. However, the university said that students who wanted to leave were allowed. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department confirmed that students were not required to stay

CBS2 encountered resistance from the university when a staff member said that Joy Benedict and our team were not allowed in the campus

Parents have sent messages to CBS2 stating that their children were not allowed to leave, despite wanting to do so.

"My daughter tells me that they are being held in the cafeteria, that they are not allowed to leave, while the fires are approaching and the rest of Malibu is evacuating," said one parent in an email.

A Pepperdine student who slept in the school cafeteria on Friday night said that students were recommended to stay on campus, but were not required

"We were definitely not held against our will They encouraged us with great intention to stay here, because they assured us that Pepperdine is the safest place to be now and that leaving would not be the smartest decision, but they did not force us to stay here, "said Hana Adams.

The president of the university, Andrew K. Benton, addressed the school on Friday night.

"I'm very upset because the fire did not anticipate this, did not get assets here, I did not realize we were going to have 3,500 people on this campus," he said, "now they have scared some of their brothers and sisters off the roads and I do not know where they are, and I am in a position to be tied, so I urge you to keep staying here, there are too many of you, I thought about moving everyone to a single installation, but there are too many of you and we are like lying down. , you're safe here. "

While the fire burning on a hill near the university has been extinguished, the move not to evacuate attracted the concern of some residents, as fire resources, including air falls, responded to protect those in the campus, leaving some nearby houses still burning.

The university tweeted several updates on Friday night.

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