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Northern Arizona University becomes exclusive partner of OpenFortune's Arizona College

During the campaign, millions of restaurant goers and those who order Chinese food in Arizona will receive fortune cookies with the NAU brand that share fun and encouraging fortunes and lucky numbers on the face of the receipt. The reverse side shares encouraging words from NAU along with a QR code that, when scanned, provides information about the university's online and in-person curricula.

"Through our continued partnership with OpenFortune, we are able to reach future students in such an engaging and optimistic way. Our first fortune cookie partnership has already demonstrated significant interaction with QR codes, increased attraction and engagement online, and it even pushed new students to applications, "said Harlan Teller NAU marketing director.

Why the fortune cookies? NAU aims to build the uplifting and encouraging spirit that a fortune cookie provides, all while adding a little surprise and excitement to traditional takeout.

"Fortune cookies embody optimism, and we couldn't be more excited to promote this already successful partnership and continue to provide future students with little inspirational notes to begin or continue their education," added Teller.

The uplifting and inspiring fortunes range from "Your next step forward will have a lasting impact" to "Your opportunities are endless" to "You are in control of your destiny."

OpenFortune's Cookie Director Matt Williams said: "Working with NAU has allowed us to introduce fortune cookies into the educational space and demonstrated the impact our QR codes have on the public. We are delighted to get into the next phase of this partnership and continue to reach potential NAU applicants in the coming years. "

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About OpenFortune
OpenFortune is a media platform that distributes more than 1 billion traditional branded fortune cookies to its network of more than 21,000 restaurants in the United States. OpenFortune partners include Capital One, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, Zelle, Disney, Purple, Grubhub, IL Lottery, and more.

OpenFortune Public Relations Contact
Nicole Christopoul
[email protected]

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