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Ningbo University of China presents online invitation

NINGBO, China – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – The University of Nottingham Ningbo China ( UNNC) has introduced an "online vigilante" system, also known as online supervision, to allow off-campus students to take exams remotely.

External online exams are held at the same time as on-campus exams, and use the same question document. Both external and face-to-face exams on campus operate under the same regulations on not speaking and not looking at textbooks or notes.

Cai-Ning FanJiang, a sophomore who had to take five exams at home, said this was a unique experience. "This is my first time to set up the" exam room "myself and upload my exams."

The day before the exam, students receive an email reminder detailing the preparations to be made, such as printing the standard answer sheet and having a mirror ready. Before the exam begins, the supervisor will verify the student's identification through the webcam; The student is required to hold and rotate the mirror for the caretaker to thoroughly check the environment. Electronic devices are not allowed until the exam is completed and the answer sheets are photographed and uploaded.

Students can ask the supervisor questions during the exam when they encounter problems. After the exam, reports showing student screens and video recording from student web cameras are provided for the university.

This semester, a total of 183 online and offline exams are conducted simultaneously, and 578 students who have not returned to college like Cai-Ning take the online exams. With students from more than 70 countries and regions, UNNC tries to accommodate time zone differences by scheduling exams online.

The University also collects student feedback on the online surveillance system. "It appears that about 93% of students can use the system well and submit their work online," said Peter Morgan, associate dean of the College of Business and leader of online invigilation projects. "We have been offering all possible support to ensure that the majority have had a smooth experience."

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