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New 'Short Talks' features Hugh Churchill talking about the MonArk quantum foundry

This month's Short Talks from the Hill a research podcast from the U of A , features Hugh Churchill, associate professor of physics at the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences.

Earlier this year, Churchill and several colleagues at the U of A and Montana State University received a $ 20 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish the MonArk NSF Quantum Foundry. The foundry will accelerate the development of quantum materials and devices.

"What we want to do at MonArk NSF Quantum Foundry is use robots and artificial intelligence to accelerate the process of creating materials and devices." Churchill says on the podcast. "A big part of our effort is that we hope to truly become a national resource that researchers everywhere can turn to for materials and devices made for them and help accelerate progress across our research community."

Churchill also discusses a project to build and test, and show the general public how to build, a basic, portable air filter that removes airborne infectious particles from indoor spaces. These particles include the respiratory droplets that carry the coronavirus.

"The virus can spread in tiny particles that can float in the air for hours," says Churchill. "And there are several ways to deal with that, but one that is relatively easy to implement is to install an air purifier in a room that will simply remove those particles from the air as they are generated."

To hear Churchill discuss these projects, click the link above or go to Arkansas Research the home of science news and research at the University of Arkansas.

Short Talks from the Hill highlights research and academic work at the University of Arkansas. Each segment features a university researcher discussing his work. Previous podcasts can be found at the link above or by visiting

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