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New book on the Truman Scholarship by Suzanne McCray and Tara Yglesias

The U of A Press has published Crazy About Harry: Everything You Have Wanted to Know About the Truman Scholarship edited by Suzanne McCray and Tara Yglesias. The book includes a foreword by former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.

Crazy About Harry is Suzanne McCray's eighth book on nationally competitive scholarships published by the U of A Press and provides guidance from the Truman Foundation and experienced advisors involved in the Truman Scholarship application process. competitive. The academics in Truman's pool of candidates are widely known as energetic leaders from a variety of disciplines who share a common desire to make a difference, achieve sustainable positive change, and serve the general public good . Crazy About Harry makes the Truman Scholarship application process transparent to applicants and their advisors. This collection of essays teaches readers how to make the most of the application process, how to connect participation and past successes with future academic and career goals, how to approach interviews, and how to seize the opportunity if selected for an award. .

"It's a must-read for counselors and for the students they assist through the Truman scholarship process," said Alicia Hayes, senior scholarship director at the University of California, Berkeley.

McCray is Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, Dean of Admissions, and Director of the Office of National Competency Awards at the U of A. Yglesias is the Executive Assistant Secretary for the Truman Foundation and has been involved in the selection of Truman Scholars for 20 years. .

Wild about Harry is now available at or by calling 1-800-621-2736.

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