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NCSD Trustees to Decide on Removal of Mothball from University Park for New 'Day School'

Aerial view of the University Park facilities. (Screenshot via Google Maps)

CASPER, Wyo. – The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees will consider Monday a recommendation to remove the moth from the old University Park Elementary School and give it a new use that would include a "Day School" program for students struggling with behavioral needs. more intense. ”

Mothballing refers to deactivating the use of a facility while it is held in the school district's inventory for possible future use or sale.

The district is planning to phase out moth from the University Park facility in order to provide a local option for students with significant behavior problems as an alternative to being placed in 24-hour programs outside the district. NCSD officials told the Board of Trustees the August 9 that such residential placement facilities are often located not only outside the district, but also outside

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The new day school program would be an option that could allow students to receive services in Casper during the day while also going home to their families at night and on weekends.

In terms of 24-hour placement programs, NCSD more often "uses facilities that are two hours or more from Casper, "says the NCSD Board's Infrastructure Planning Committee in its recommendation to uncheck University Park.

In addition to creating an option to keep students closer to home, having the day school in Casper would allow NCSD to direct families to local agencies and resources that provide support.

The NCSD Board Infrastructure Planning Committee says it is recommended that Universit and Park house the new day school because it is the facility with the smallest capacity for students, which is in the best condition and best suited to the needs of the new school. Out-of-building day school program currently suspended by the district.

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