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Male survivor of Larry Nassar Hopes Former gymnastics doctor 'Rots In Hell'

Jacob Moore, the first man to publicly accuse the former doctor of the US gymnastics team. UU Larry Nassar of sexual abuse, said he hopes his story will encourage other male survivors to come forward.

"I hope it will rot in hell," said Moore, 18, of Nassar on NBC News' "Today" on Tuesday.

Nassar has been accused of abusing more than 260 girls and women for decades as a team physician for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University. Now he is serving three simultaneous sentences of up to 175 years on charges of child sexual abuse and child pornography. Moore became the first man to indict Nassar in a federal lawsuit filed last week alleging that the former doctor abused him in 2016.

Moore, now a freshman at the University of Michigan, said Nassar abused him under the guise of treatment for a shoulder injury when he was 16.

"I was not a silly child, I knew what kind of medical practices they were and that was something out of the ordinary," Moore said Tuesday. "Upon leaving treatment, I felt very uncomfortable"

Moore said he "got scared a little" when the accusations of abuse against Nassar went public, and he could not find an explanation for the treatment he received.

Moore's sister, who also accused Nassar of abusing her, testified during a sentencing hearing in January for the doctor in which she mentioned that her brother had been a victim. Both brothers are gymnasts.

"My whole family was deceived by you, but now I know who it really is," Kamerin Moore told the serial predator.

Jacob Moore said that his entire family has been affected by Nassar's abuse.

"My sister and I should not be related to the fact that we have both been abused," he said. "That's really disgusting to me, it would violate our trust like that … the things he did were terrible."

President Donald Trump recently signed a bill that aims to protect the amateur athletes of sexual assault in the wake of the Nassar scandal.

In January, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette (R) announced that his office will conduct an "independent, thorough, transparent and quick" investigation of MSU and its handling of the Nassar case. The Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, also said that the Department of Education will investigate how MSU handled Nassar's accusations.

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