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Makarfi praises El Rufai for not interfering with the state university

By Ben Agande, Kaduna.
The former governor of the state of Kaduna, Ahmed Makarfi, has congratulated the governor Nasir El Rufai for maintaining the independence of the state University, and has awarded the Honorary Doctorate to prominent members of the opposition was a testimony of his interference

Speaking at the university when he was conferred especially with the Honorary Doctorate two days after the announcement of the university, Makarfi regretted not being able to attend the call due to the connection of a Port Harcourt flight.


According to him, it was not charitable that a body insinuated that he rejected the award of the Doctorate by degree a university that he created.

He congratulated Governor El Rufai for ensuring that it did not interfere with the operation of the University.

"I was in Portcourt to attend an occasion and the moment I landed at Kaduna International Airport, they told me that the occasion (convocation ceremony) was over, now they can see that it was not intentional that it was not in the convocation. I never reject the award.

"I thank the University for recognizing my contribution. I have two principles in life that everything I do, I do not expect to be rewarded. I never do anything and I expect something in return. Whatever I do, I hope it's done well.

"If the policy had come to play, the governor could have objected to the University to award two former governors of the PDP.

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Going on the path of memory, Makarfi commented that "when I established a committee for this university, I was extremely criticized." He was wasting the scarce resources of the That kaduna does not need a state university, since we have the kaduna polytechnic, Ahmadu Bello University and the Nigerian Defense Academy, so they said it was a white elephant project, but in the end we project in the future and we have been vindicated.

"As I wish Professor Mikailu was here, I never recommended any student to enter when I was taking off. I told them to go out and do things based on merit. "And contact me when the university needs something in particular.

The PDP boss continued:" I allowed them to work freely and I established a university that would resist the passage of weather. It can be seen that today some elites who have sent their children abroad have today sent their children to this university because of the University's background.

"Until now I have never had negative news about KASU Discipline to staff and student workers."

Before granting the award to Makarfi, the Vice Chancellor of the University Professor Mohammed Tanko said that when the name of Makarfi was presented to the Senate, no member opposed the award.

"In the same sense, when I presented his name to the visitor of the University who is the governor of the state, he gave his approval at once. Without any hesitation.

Professor Tanko congratulated Makarfi for establishing the University and its contribution to the development of the state and the nation.

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