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Live Updates: College Admission Trap Scheme

The former coach of the Yale University women's football team is accused of conspiring with William Rick Singer, the man behind the college cheating admission plan, to accept bribes in exchange for designating Yale applicants as recruits for the women's soccer team, according to a court record.

Rudolph "Rudy" Meredith, coach of the Yale women's soccer coach for approximately 23 years, agreed to work with Singer in 2015 According to the presentation.

In one case, Singer is accused of adjusting the curriculum and personal information. A candidate's statement falsely described the applicant as the co-captain of a prominent soccer team of the club in Southern California, despite the fact that the candidate did not play competitive football, the presentation said. Singer allegedly sent Meredith a check for $ 400,000 in January 2018 after the applicant was admitted to Yale, according to the filing.

The family members of the applicant allegedly paid Singer approximately $ 1.2 million in multiple fees, including approximately $ 900,000 that was paid according to the filing, to one of Singer's charity accounts.

If convicted, Meredith will lose more than $ 865,000, of which more than $ 308,000 was already delivered to the FBI in a cashier's check in May 2018.

He is scheduled to appear in federal court in Boston on March 28.

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