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Lisa Vammen Named New Deputy Director of the Business Communication Lab

U of A alumna and Arkansas educator Liza Vammen has been selected as the new Deputy Director of the Business Communication Lab at Sam M. Walton College of Business.

"The Business Communication Lab reaches out to a variety of students at Walton College and across the campus who want to not only be successful in their classes, but also to be more capable, confident, and career-ready communicators while in college." Ryan said. Sheets, director of the laboratory.

"Liza, with her extensive experience as an educator and leader, is the perfect person to create programs and training to build this kind of trust among students and stakeholders."

Vammen's career has revolved around written, oral, and interpersonal communication in a variety of settings. His experience includes teaching composition I and II at the U of A; teaching intervention in reading, English language arts, and English as an additional language in the Marion and Bentonville Public Schools; and the teaching of English as a foreign language in Osuna, Spain.

"Returning to the University of Arkansas as deputy director of the communication lab feels like the perfect return after spending my college years working as a tutor at the university's Quality Writing Center," said Vammen.

"I have seen firsthand how improving communication skills helps students and community members achieve their goals and I am excited to be a part of that goal achievement process with Walton College students and other stakeholders."

Vammen also brings community organizing and leadership experience to the assistant principal, having led student success initiatives throughout the community to improve school culture, student growth, and parent involvement. His leadership among Arkansas educators includes serving on the board of the Arkansas Council for Teachers in English Language Arts, presenting "Enhancing Diverse Voices in Academic Discourses" at the Arkansas State Curriculum Conference, earning his national board certification, and leading his department English learners to adopt new collaborative strategies to enhance students' literacy growth. As a regular volunteer at the Worker's Interfaith Network in Memphis, Tennessee, she has used her communication and translation skills to empower workers and families in her community.

As a public school teacher in Bentonville, she founded the Exchange Culture Club to create a culture of multicultural curiosity and the Wildcat Podcast Club to engage students in a new medium of communication.

"After meeting various tutors and listening to Walton Biz Talk, I am even more excited to work with innovative and creative business students who exude a refreshing energy of curiosity and passion," she said.

"Being an effective communicator has opened many doors for me in my career, and I look forward to helping our students and community members develop the kinds of skills they need to create new opportunities for themselves."

The Walton Business Communication Lab helps students on campus and community members become better communicators. Their tutors work with graduate and undergraduate students to develop, improve, and revise compositions related to writing and speaking so that they can use professional communication skills intentionally and effectively. By collaborating with various U of A organizations on campus and hosting workshops and conferences, the lab offers students an interdisciplinary approach to business communication.

The lab also strives to make business communication resources and expertise accessible to underrepresented groups through campus and community outreach. It seeks to cultivate accessibility and inclusion through its work to develop and support students as they become business communicators.

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