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Lehigh University moves to ban strong alcohol in residences on campus

]]] [] – Officials at Lehigh University tell students that being in a fraternity or fraternity Women is more than just drinking and having fun.

A new Greek Excellence plan is highlighting that and prohibiting alcohol in all residences on campus.

The movement to ban alcohol did not come from any incident, according to university officials.

The Greek Excellence plan began in 2017, while the university witnessed the highest number of alcohol violations on campus in three years, but the new guidelines are intended to show the student s The Greek life is more than just a party.

Drinking and parties are part of Greek life at Lehigh University, and during the past two years several fraternities and fraternities have been dissolved or sanctioned on campus due to alcohol violations.

"Alcohol is part of the plan, but by no means is it the driving force behind this plan," said Ricardo Hall, vice chancellor of student affairs at the university.

Hall sent a letter to the students describing the new Greek plan of excellence for the university

. He says that building leaders and serving the community should be key, not parties and drinking.

Another point of the plan is to ban strong alcohol in all campus residences.

"The vast majority of our residential students are under the age of 21. Therefore, a strong alcohol prohibition means absolutely nothing because they can not consume alcohol anyway," Hall said.

"I think it's help. It's a pleasure to keep alcohol strong off campus," said sophomore Jessica Mellon.

"I want to say that many non-Greek students go to parties in Greek houses, and I think a lot of people get into trouble because of that, I think it will help a lot of students."

The measure may further help decrease the number of liquor infractions on campus.

According to the police department of Lehigh University, in 2016 there were 133 infractions of student housing on campus. The number increased to 242 in 2017 and decreased to 158 in 2018.
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"If you end up slowing down serious incidents of those that I am in favor of, if it does not work and I am skeptical, it will work, but if it does what I am in my favor, "said senior student Joey Kawash.

The prohibition of strong alcohol will take effect in August of this year, right at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Officials at Lehigh University hope that the rest of the Greek Excellence plan will be implemented by the spring of 2020.

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